University of West Georgia

BS, Computer Science

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Vanderbilt University

BE, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Software Engineer II | Atlanta, GA | June, 2022 — September, 2023

  • Modernization of Supplemental Health Care's (SHC) architecture for development of new talent search portal and future reimplementation of core products (.NET/C#/TypeScript/React)
  • Implementation of Azure Function to alleviate production deadlocking and create documentation and presentation of Azure Functions and their use cases to client for modernization
  • Reimplemented broken SQL Server Reporting Services 2019 for Kennel Management System (KMS) to use custom authentication and Identity Server (.NET/C#)
  • Modernization and implementation of new UI elements and features for KMS (.NET/C#/JavaScript)
  • Experimentation with Android application for KMS card reader (Android SDK/Kotlin/Java)


Software Engineer | Cambdridge, MA | September, 2022 — September, 2023

  • Work on moving content management system, Drupal, from AWS EC2 to Pantheon
  • Development of Continous Integration and Continious Delivery scripts from BitBucket to Pantheon
  • Reimplementation of DBQuest into a new React-based CORS single-page application (Vite/React/TypeScript/AWS API Gateway/AWS CloudFront/AWS Lambda/AWS DynamoDB/AWS S3)
  • Maintanence of site content (Drupal/PHP) and conducted site deployments (AWS CloudFormation/AWS EC2)

Zync Tech Group

Software Engineer | Carrollton, GA | May, 2021 — May, 2022

  • Designed and implemented back-end (SQL/ASP.Net MVC/C#) and front-end (TypeScript) diagnostic reporting page for querying client payor portal events and administrative debugging, saving customer support 4-5 hours weekly
  • Implemented a new in-browser automation system (TypeScript) for automated login, frontend testing, and password obfuscation based on Selenium and Selenium IDE file format
  • Instituted code standards and documenting environment setup and onboarding process for future developers
  • Setup continuous deployment pipeline (Azure Pipelines) for automated front-end testing using Jest/TypeScript
  • Implemented automation suite executing microservice using Playwright, containerized Node.js environment, and Kubernetes.

University of West Georgia

Teaching Assistant | Carrollton, GA | Feb, 2021 — May 2022

  • Teaching +70 students in Java, Python, C#, and C++
  • Emphasis on Object-Oriented Programming, Clean Code, Unit-Testing, and UI Design.


Association of Computing Machinery

President | 2021 — 2022

  • Instituted code, professional, and technical workshops as ACM Chapter President.
  • Spearheaded annual multi-dispciplanry game jam.

Vanderbilt Robotics

President/Founder | 2016 — 2017

  • Founded Vanderbilt Robotics and led inaugural year as President, instituted robotics team hierarchy, and obtained grants and sponsorship.
  • Directed sub-teams leading into NASA RMC Mining Competition.

Carrollton Martin Luther King Coalition

Media Specialist | 2016 — Present

  • Plan and volunteer at local events, including yearly ecumenical service, MLK parade, and Unity dinner.
  • Designed and presented initial proposition of MLK statue located in downtown Carrollton, GA.
  • Help institute scholarship for high school students entering college.
  • Developed and maintain the organization's website, broadcast events online, and direct technical portions of events.